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Here are some short videos on the benefits of coworking. Check out how the work world is evolving and your place in the world of coworking.

How coworking is changing how and where we work

The growth of coworking.
Why people cowork.
How coworking is helping redefine work today!

The benefits of a collaborative work space

Coworking offers obvious benefits to freelancers and individuals, but as Tim Butcher and Julian Waters-Lynch explain, the principles of coworking have great potential for big businesses also.

Coworking is changing the work world

Amarit Charoenphan helps people realize their dreams and become more successful startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers through the best coworking spaces, as well as events, education and media. He co-created Hubba, Thailand’s first coworking space for Tech & Creative startups and is actively supporting the Chiang Mai start-up scene through partnership with Pun Space, a coworking space in Chiang Mai.