Coworking is Better For Your Health

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QwirkWell, that might be a stretch but we’re halfway serious about that here at Qwirk. Most of the tenants that have come to work at our coworking space here in German village say the same thing, “I’m just way more productive when I’m out of my house”. It’s the most common reason people look for space outside the home or coffee shop and coworking helps individuals be more productive (among other benefits). Read below..

In a recent article by LifeHacker, the online tech news source polled a number of coworkers and the positive affect coworking has on their lives. Here are some of the results:

  • 93% and 86% of people say their personal and business circles have grown, respectively,
  • 76% say they’re more productive.
  • 88% said their isolation has decreased, which probably influences their productivity (and happiness). :)
  • A good chunk of people even trusted these strangers enough to leave their stuff there unattended, because 96% of them thought community was an important value among coworkers.

As to why they chose to stick with that coworking spot, 81% said they liked the people

  • 61% said it was the location
  • 46% said it was the price

Our non-scientific coworking study concluded that happiness is better for your health.  So you can see, Coworking IS Better for Your Health. :)

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