What is coworking?

For those new to coworking, the idea is simple: Coworking is an emerging trend for work-at-home professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, independents, telecommuters, freelancers, and people who travel frequently. Basically, anyone who ends up working in relative isolation or needs/wants a more permanent, professional alternative to coffee shops and cafes. When you become a member of Qwirk, you’ll finally have access to a professional office environment designed specifically to help you get the work done, while networking and socializing with other members and the community at large. You have to the opportunity to meet talented people and grow your business and social networks through real connections and events.

Is Qwirk expensive?

Not at all. Dedicated desks start at only $375 per month; while Mobile Memberships cost only $275 per month. You can’t beat that anywhere. Oh yeah, and you can drop in for only $10 per day.

What do I get for my membership?

Everything you need to get the work done, meet new people, and grow your business and your community:
• Desk space
• Internet (Ethernet and WiFi)
• Shared printer/fax/copy/scan
• Power outlets for everyone
• Conference room with LCD flat panel and conference phone
• Mail address (use our address for your biz mail)
• Lounge area
• Storage lockers
• Exclusive networking and social events
• Espresso and water
• Refrigerator
• Bathrooms (men and women’s)
• Starbucks, Katzinger’s, Dirty Franks and many other restaurants. We are right downtown near the Brewery District and German Village.

Who uses Qwirk?

Coworking makes great sense for anyone who works in relative isolation, works from home, or is nomadic. Typically, these single-person businesses are regularly referred to by other labels such as:

• Self-employed individuals
• Microbusinesses (generally businesses with fewer than 5 employees)
• SOHOs (small office, home office)
• Home-based businesses
• Entrepreneurs
• Freelancers
• Telecommuters

We also enable non-members by renting our conference rooms for meetings/presentations, and renting the full Qwirk space for nighttime events. Compared to other offerings, ours is very affordable! Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Do I bring my own equipment?

Most users just need to bring their laptop and cell phone.

How about printing/faxing/copying?

You bet. We have an HP Color LaserJet CM2320nf MFP printer networked for everyone to use.

Can I really get work done?

Yes. That’s one of the primary reasons Qwirk exists. To give you a productive, well-planned, environment that will help you get the work done. No more frappucino machines firing up right as your call begins. No more fighting over those two outlets. No more trying to work from home when the kids are bugging you. No more driving around the city to find a coffee shop and a Kinkos just to connect and print what you need.

Do you have land line phones?

The only land line phone we have is in the conference room. It’s no fun holding a conference call via cell phone. However, dedicated desk members can have a land line turned on for them. Just pay the monthly cost for that service.

Is my stuff there safe? How about overnight?

Yes! For dedicated desk members, we have lockers to secure all your stuff you want to leave overnight; dedicated office members have locked rooms. For non-dedicated members, you can use these items during the day but must take your stuff home at night.

Where do I park?

We have room for about 8 cars in the parking lot, but there is also visitor parking to the north of the building. For those staying a while, you can get a yearly parking permit so you don’t have to move your car every 2 hours. Not an easy feat for a downtown space!

How about food and water?

We believe in hydration and caffeine. So we have a water fountain on site and an coffee machine.

What other perks are there?

The biggest perks are the community, energy and access of Qwirk. All professionals require 3 things: a place to effectively get their work done, consistent vibrant business and social networking so they can grow within their community and their profession. We have lots of ideas and events planned to help you meet all 3 of those core needs.

What is up with that little figure in the Qwirk logo?

That little figure is called an Inukshuk. The Inukshuk, which means “likeness of person” was first used by the Inuit People to mark trails, indicate caches of food, locate nearby settlements as well as good places to hunt or fish. Most of the canadian arctic is dominated year round by permafrost and only has a few natural landmarks which could be used for orientation, that’s why Inukshuk are used as directional marker. The rock Inukshuk embodies the spirit and persistence of the Inuit who live and flourish in Northern Canada, one of the world’s harshest environments. Inukshuks represent strength, leadership and motivation.